Students and School Uniforms

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  • Published : April 12, 2005
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Students and School Uniforms

The implication of school uniforms on the public school system would make a dramatic positive change for the students now and in the future. Currently the public school system allows casual dress code attire throughout the United States. Differing from private school institutions, where uniforms are mandatory. School uniforms are beneficial to the students and to the parents of these students. Secondly, uniforms provide structure and unity within the schools. Lastly, school uniforms make the environment in which the students conduct in for approximately 6 – 7 hrs. of their day a safer place.

How much does it cost to dress for school? The prices in the fashion market targeted to school age children are on the rise yearly. "The $28 billion children's apparel market experienced continuous growth from 1998 to 2003 up 32%" (Key note publications, 2003), this statistic showing the growth in spending on fashion clothing for young children. The clothing market now being a large expense for parents of these children. The purchasing of school uniforms is proven to be less expensive than the competitive fashion market at this time. School uniforms are typically purchased yearly, with the growing child. This lessening the amount of money spent on uniforms and attention paid to the fashion market's competitiveness.

A school is a form of a total institution. It is a place for reform, structure and unity for the individuals within that environment to fulfill a common goal. For a total institution to properly work there must be unity. A uniform help to provide that unity. Many positive institutions with the adaptation of a uniform dress code are successful in the process of unification. For example, the air force and other military based institutions. In these institutions each individual is clear on the mandatory uniform policy, this awareness and discipline provides a stern and later acceptance to rule. Once in...
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