Students’ Writing Skill Is Low

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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The students’ writing skill is still far from being sactisfactory. It can be seen from the mistakes that the students’ make in their writing. In writing, there are some aspects which must be fulfilled by students. Yet, they haven’t met the requirements needed for their writing. Grammar is one of the aspects which must be considered in writing. A good grammar is often reflected as a good writing. However, students often make mistakes in grammar. They do not know when to use the present tense or the past tense. They still do not understand when they have to change the present tense into the past tense. Further, students are not accostumed with grammar and tenses in Indonesian. That is why students often make mistakes in grammar. They do not know which tenses should be used. They even do not know the part of speech of the word. As a result, the sentences that they make are not well-arranged and often confusing. Another aspect which is crucial in writing is vocabulary. The students often find it difficult to express what they mean in their writing because of the lack of vocabulary. They often fail to choose the best word to describe what they mean. Most students are stil confused in picking up the right word for their writing. Thus, their writing is often difficult to understand and may cause misunderstanding to the readers of their reading. The lack of vocabulary will make students a slow writir. This is because they need quite a long time to find the right words for their writing. In some occassions, they also often run out of words while writing because they only have limited vocabulary. The next aspect which must be paid attention to is the coherence. This is supported by Utami (2012 : 6) who stated that “The students’ problem in writing was how to construct paraghraphs into unity and coherence. They found hard to decide what they should write and could not develop their ideas in good organization, as a result, their writing was not...
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