Student Teaching Reflection

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Student Teacher Reflection: A Walk Through
This week I participated in a classroom walk through. This allowed me to gather data and give reflective feedback to the CWT team. A classroom walk through is an observation technique that allows the principal or the observer to record or document information on the effective elements of a classroom. This includes instructional strategies, grouping students based on cognitive abilities, student engagement and even displays of materials or resources. As I participated in the CWT I learned that if used effectively, it can improve instruction, increase student’s performance, and provide teachers with data to identify professional development needs. For example, after the process was over, each team member when over what they specifically observed. My responsibility was looking for RTI documents and assessments. In my report I stated that overall teachers were indeed documenting student performance, however, a vast majority of those documents were incomplete or confusing. Some teachers were using different ways to document student growth. Some suggestions included that teachers should consider using one best practice to document student performance. This makes it easier for the team to look for specific documentation. After debriefing with the team, we brought we gathered to grade level meeting. In the meeting we shared the overall strengths and weakness. We also highlighted certain teachers who seemed to have best practices in their classroom. These were the ones who were organized, had a system to documentation and appeared to be keeping documents ongoing. I have gained new insights and understanding about the field of education. I have learned that unlike specific classroom observations, a walk through provides insight on what the entire school is doing. This overall experience has taught me that the need for improvement does not stop yet it is ongoing. Even the best teacher can become better. Furthermore, the impact...
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