Student Teaching

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Student teaching is a requirement towards getting your teaching degree. I think that this gives you a good idea about what to expect when you become a teacher. It is a great learning experience. In my paper I will discuss –what the requirements are to start student teaching, who is involved with the experience and what their role/ responsibilities are, how it is evaluated, what to expect during the experience, and how you get it set up, does someone do it for you? If so who? Last but not least I will include some tips that I found from students and other teachers on student teaching and how to succeed at it.

“The purpose of the student teaching experience provides students with the opportunity to utilize their theoretical and professional knowledge in practical situations under the supervision of a trained cooperating teacher and a university supervisor” (Student Handbook for Southern Connecticut University pg. 7). It normally happens during the senior year of college and is done in two eight week segments. Normally by this time students have chosen the major in which they want to teach. Say I chose early childhood education, then for my student teaching I would be in a kindergarten or preschool. Student teaching goes by subject or grade level for elementary schools.

“You must submit an application for student teaching to the student teaching office coordinator. Prospective student teachers must be enrolled in a planned program and have satisfactorily completed the state requirements for acceptance into the department in which certification are being requested. All of the above must be completed a year prior to starting student teaching. The praxis II examination must be met prior to or during student teaching. A personal professional data form must also be submitted by October first to teach in the spring and by March first to teach in the fall. The student may request to be placed in a certain school; three choices of areas are selected and turned into...
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