Student Survival Guide

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Student Survival Guide

By | June 2008
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Student Survival Guide

Using Axia’s Educational Resources: Center for Writing Excellence is a tool for figuring out if your work is written, formatted, and/or plagiarized. It helps give advice on writing skills, grammar, punctuation, and also things like not using contractions. It can be useful with papers I wish to submit, where I could have unknowingly copied someone’s work from memory or some other way. Downloading files for use on your machine or portable device; I downloaded Microsoft office for a reasonable price for being a student. Also download the course calendars and put them on my bulletin board for a reminder of which days I have class and which days each particular class is in. Download the course appendixes for reference to know exactly what needs to be done on each particular day. Navigating the University Library; is not all that hard, they have many resources such as a tutorial to show how to operate through the library. There are article databases to be able to search through, both specialized and major. There is also a link for thesis’, books, and dissertations. If I did not speak English as a first language I could look through databases in Spanish. I can look into Canadian indexes, Company directories and financials, Country profiles and economy, guides for taking tests and preparing for them, and many other links and search engines. I can request a specific document, and ask a librarian a question if I have trouble. Upholding Academic Honesty: Axia’s Honesty Policy consists of a highly valued code. The same as in every University of Phoenix campus. It is a code for honesty and academic integrity. It means that any words or ideas posted in a class must be written in my own way, or to cite the source of the idea or quotation used (e.g. this information is from the Axia web site, in the help menu). The words and/or ideas that need to be cited are all copies and publications, as well as all academic communication,...

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