Student Support and Effective Classroom Communication

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Student Support and Effective Classroom Communication


This aim of this assignment is to analyse equality and diversity in education, legislative requirements in education and the levels of student support available. Also, the effectiveness of communication, both non verbal and verbal aspects will be covered within Learning Outcome 2. An analytical approach will be used to determine the findings received from a survey from learners regarding my approach with communication skills and will highlight both my strengths and areas for improvements which will directly link into my personal action plan.

Learning Outcome 1

Equality and Diversity within our society is getting more complex. Overall population is growing, we are more ethnically diverse, and we are getting older. New patterns of migration have affected previously homogenous communities. Equality legislation has helped challenge much discrimination and prejudice, but there are still big equality gaps. Councils and their partners have a real opportunity to challenge inequality, to ensure that everyone has an equal chance in life and to respond to the diverse needs of the communities. Treating people equally is essential for being an effective and productive. The introduction of equalities legislation has resulted in the removal of many inequalities throughout education and common life. Equality

This refers to the whole organisation in which we work and has a general ethos it’s aimed towards providing equal opportunities for all staff and learners.

The Equality Bill sets out to strengthen protection, advance equality and simplify the law. The main provisions of interest are: • the introduction of new strategic socio-economic duty to reduce socio-economic inequalities • A new public equality duty that will extend the public duties to age, sexual orientation, religion or belief, gender reassignment, also including pregnancy and maternity. • Clarification that procurement can be used to drive equality. • Banning age discrimination for those over 18 in the provision of services.


This refers to the whole range of different individuals and groups within the community, and possibly beyond, who are your potential learners?

There are six different recognised strands of diversity:-

1. Gender

2. Disability

3. Ethnicity

4. Age

5. Sexual orientation

6. Religion and/or belief


Legislation such as ‘Sex Discrimination Act 1975’, ‘Equality Pay Act 1970’ ensures that either gender, male or female, are treated the same in relation to tasks and duties. This involvement with my sector introduces that this is to eliminate gender inequality and harassment and promote equality of opportunity for all regardless of gender. It recognises its duty to promote gender equality arising from the acts as stated above.

To this end it will:

• eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment
• Promote equality of opportunity between men and women. • collect information on the effect of its scheme and the extent to which it promotes equality between male and female groups

This welcomes disabled learners and aims to provide to the best ability support which allows them to achieve their potential.

A great emphasis on education and training and support the views of inclusion and supporting ways of incorporating learners into its community by facilitating access. All reasonable anticipatory measures are made to ensure all learners with disabilities are not treated less favourably as a result of impairment. Such Legislation regarding disability is noted as:-

Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005

Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001

Learning and Skills Act 2000

To this end it will:

• Promote equality of opportunity
• Eliminate unlawful discrimination
• Eliminate disability related discrimination
• Promote positive...
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