Student Success Plan

Topics: Procrastination, Time management, Anxiety Pages: 6 (2280 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Who can tell you more about yourself than you? Even though some people don’t like to analyze themselves we all know our downfalls and weaknesses on areas we need to improve in. My weak areas are test anxiety, procrastination, and communication. I always freak out before a test, I wait until the last minute to do things, and I have a tendency of getting people confused because my nonverbal language doesn’t match my verbal speaking and vice versa.

My test anxiety didn’t really start to bother me until middle school because that is when the real tests started happening and that’s also when I started to slack in school. I would always get these horrible headaches and then my stomach would start hurting. I just thought it was normal but as the years went on it only got worse. I could never pass any exams, but every once in blue moon I would get a C or a B. It always made me feel stupid. I knew most of the material but I would always blank out. According to Diana Peters Mayer, some students blank out on tests because of their nerves, feel defeated, give up, and begin to underachieve (82). I know this describes me because there have been times I have just put my name on a test and turned it back into the teacher blank. I talked to my teacher about my test scores because she was really concerned about my grades. She decided to let me take my test in a private room by myself to see if that would help out but it didn’t. I knew deep down one of the main reasons I always did poorly on tests is because my study habits weren’t the best and I hated for people to judge me on my test scores. Sometimes I would think to myself “I bet my teacher thinks I’m dumb when it comes to grading my test” and that thought still cross my mind now. When having to take a test is when I feel at my worse in school. I truly am my worse critic and with that attitude I always ended up defeating myself.

With me wanting to get my Bachelor’s degree in accounting I knew I had to get control of my test anxiety. Starting July 2011 is when I decided to change my study habits around to see if that had something to do with my anxiety with test and my test scores. I had started taking the CNA class that July. They told us ahead of time when we would be taking our test and what chapters that would be on them, so right then and there I formed a study group and started practicing the skills and studying the material as soon as possible. I knew these strategies would help me accomplish my goals of coping with my test anxiety. Next I checked out a few websites to see if they could give me some pointers. According to Study Guides and Strategies, approach the exam with confidence, be prepared, choose a comfortable location for taking test, allow yourself plenty of time, avoid thinking you need to cram just before, strive for a relaxed state of concentration, get a good night’s sleep, and don’t go to the exam with an empty stomach are some great ways to prepare for a test to reduce anxiety. Also noted by Study Guides and Strategies, during the test you should: read the directions carefully, budget your test taking time, change positions to help you relax, if you go blank skip the question and go on, and don’t panic. All these strategies I took into consideration. Normally I wouldn’t eat breakfast in the morning but particular on tests days I did. When I took my first CNA exam I was still nervous and had a headache but I felt comfortable because there was no way I could go blank because the material and skills where like second nature to me. I tried to stay positive and not discourage myself and when I got my test back and seen I only got 10 wrong out of 100 I felt good about myself. I felt like I had accomplished everything in life. For the first time I didn’t feel like a complete failure and an idiot because I knew my hard work had paid off.

My second weak area was and still is procrastination. Like most people they don’t see their procrastination...
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