Student Stress

Topics: Management, Stress management, Time Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: March 30, 2011
Nowadays, students are facing problems in managing their stress. stress commonly as unhealthy feeling to a person because depresses of work or study and it can disturb their work performance and relationship. So in managing stress its define as a chronically high level of mental arousal and bodily tension that exceed a person’s capacity to cope, resulting in distress, disease, or an increased capacity to cope.( E.JOSEPH,MALCOLM AND ROBERT,1990). Thus, the causes and overcoming stress management among student should be discussed. 2. Lack of proper time management.

-Not planning daily activities and managing it properly.
a) they lack self-discipline and cannot managing their time efficiently. - If you never seem to have enough time you need to learn how to be smarter worker, not a harder worker.(E.JOSEPH,MALCOLM AND ROBERT,1990)

- They overwork and do everything to rich their goal.
a) using drug because pressure by their parents
- Over time, many users actually increase their stress by fighting the sedative side effects of the drugs in an effort to maintain alertness.(Edward chan,1997)

- Competition between friend to get better grade.
a) Student wants to achieve higher grades than friend to see who is the best.We hypothesize that both academic self-efficacy and stress will have an effect on all outcomes, with higher levels of self-efficacy and lower stress being associated with better grades, more accumulated credits, and greater persistence.(ANNA, SCOUT AND THOMAS,2005)

- Intense need to fit in and to be accepted by new friend.
a) Most students especially in a new place might have difficult to adjust with new friend. - this is a dramatic illustration of being unable to communicate. Thousands of us, everyday, fail to communicate and we suffer stress reactions as a result. (E.JOSEPH,MALCOLM AND ROBERT,1990) -...
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