Student Sport and Fitness

Topics: Qualitative research, Quantitative research, Research Pages: 18 (5852 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Table of Contents
1. Introduction3
2. Key literature review3
3. Methodology5
4. Presentation of findings7
4.1. Quantitative data7
4.2. Qualitative data12
5. Data analysis14
5.1. Perception of NTU’s Master Students towards sport and fitness14 5.2. Do NTU Master Students maintain their health by participating in sport and physical activities?15 6. Reflections on the Collection and Utilisation of Data17

6.1. Reflective Observation18
6.1.1. Collection Data18
6.1.2. Utilisation of Data19
6.2. Abstract Conceptualisation20
6.3. Active Experimentation20
7. Conclusion21

1. Introduction
Nowadays, Sport and Fitness is becoming more and more important in life of every people all over the world. According to Euro barometer (2010), it is because people are being aware of the vital of doing sport and physical activity to improving health both in physical and mental. However, due to the lack of information in connection with university student in the UK, this report investigates the perception and action of students towards sport and fitness of students in Nottingham Trent University (NTU). The data which is utilised in this study was acquired through quantitative and qualitative research. Questionnaire and interview are respectively conducted on 50 and 10 NTU’s Management Master Students of September course of the academic year 2011/2012. The respond rate is 100% for both types of researches. 2. Key literature review

There are numerous studies of sport and fitness which illustrating vast benefits of sport participant. Sport and PA are constituents of enhancing health and enriching the social interconnection to support a meaningful life to people all over the world (GRANT, 2001; COLLINS and KAY, 2003:28; RENFROW et al, 2011). Nevertheless, International Olympic Committee (2011) emphasised the risk of insufficient sport and physical activities (PA) in adolescents which lead negative affect to health physically and mentally. Laverie (1998) suggests the most significant reasons encourage participants are have fun, learn new skills, make friends, social group. However, despite the recognition of sport’s vitality, not everyone participate in sport and PA, due to the differences of a number of factors. The table following illustrates two main factors which affect sport participation the most: age and gender. There are also some studies about other factors such as availability of green space and family culture.

AUTHORSMain StudyAgeGenderOther factors
VAN TUYCKOM, et al. (2010)Gender and age differences in regular sport participation across 25 European Countries.The level of participation in regular sporting activities varies among young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults age categories. In general, men participate in regular sporting activities than women. COOMBES (2010)The relationship of PA and overweight which measured by accessibility and utilisation of green spacePeople tend to be more active and participate in sport and PA when being surrounded with more green spaces RENFROW, M.S., et al (2011)“The relationship between sports participation and health-related physical fitness in middle school and high school.”Increase in male participant will increase health-related physical fitness, but not females due to the difference in kind of sport chosen. BIRCHWOOD, D. et al. (2008) WHEELER, S. (2012)Family culture has substantial affect to sport participation.Living in the family which parents invest a considerable amount in sport will influence children’s sporting participation in the future.

In this research, the word “sport” is used not only for activities which require specific skills and fixed rules to compete against other individuals or teams in specific areas. It also involves leisured physical activities which do not require competition but also result health’s benefit such as going to exercise at gymnasium. In other words, it...
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