Student Should Be Made to Do Compulsory Community Service. What Is Your Opinion?

Topics: Sociology, Knowledge, Community Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: April 16, 2012
A community service can be a source of inspiration for students who realize their responsibility and suggest ways to improve quality of life in their community. It could provide the direction they can take to serve public interest. Service could take different forms. It depends on an individual’s position within a community. The ideal of service could be imbibed into the personal, community, and business life of an individual that is aroused with a feeling of social service.

I agree that student should be made to do compulsory community service because it helps to develops leadership and teamwork skills, good experiences, increase their job skills and meeting new people.

Community service is important for student to help to develop their leadership and teamwork in the future. When you get a job, you will need to know how to not only handle your own work independently, but also to collaborate constructively on a team by providing thoughtful solutions to problems and to even lead the team when necessary. Community service provides you with a chance to develop and practice these skills lop leadership and teamwork skills.

Moreover, community service helps student to have good experience and will increase their job skills. While others say that it should not be required because students will be unwilling to do the work. High school districts should require community service because keeps students busy and out of trouble, prepares students for the real world and enhances their job skills, and increases their chances of being chosen for some of the top universities. With each new experience, old skills are developed as new ones are learned. New information is integrated with past experience, and one’s knowledge base grows. Additionally, the lessons learned from volunteering frequently support and enrich understandings of how the community is set up to function, Futhermore when student reflect upon share their experience great cognitive gains.

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