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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Form 7. Grammar Tenses. Test.

Active Voice.
Раскройте скобки, поставьте глагол в соответствующую видовременную форму: I. 1.He usually (help) his parents in the morning. 2.Next week they (give) a concert for the war veterans. 3.The day before she (visit) her ill neighbour. 4. Yesterday at 6 p.m. he (work) on a computer. 5.Look! They (play) football in the yard. 6.Alice (feed) already her parrot. 7.When Jane called her mother she (leave) just the office. II. 1.My friend (keep) secrets well. 2.In three weeks the pupils (pass) exams in Maths. 3.Last Sunday the teacher (take) his pupils to the forest. 4.While the mother was cooking the cake the daughter (lay) the table. 5.Look! The birds (eat) already the bread. 6.The father (come) just from work. 7.They (leave) the city by last Sunday. III. 1.Sometimes Jesse and Kim (make) toothbrush holders for selling. 2.She (learn) two languages next year. 3.In his childhood Tom (want) to be a driver.4.The day before at 9 friends (listen) to the opera. 5.Don’t trouble me! I (think) over my report. 6.I’m sorry. I (not learn) the poem yet. 7.When Hilary visited Stephen, he (got) already well. IV. 1.He often (give) a helping hand to his classmates. 2.Last Saturday the children (clean) the park. 3.The day after tomorrow all the pupils (discuss) teenagers’ problems. 4.Two years ago the family (move) to a new flat. 5.I’m sorry. I (write) my home composition now. 6.She (be) never to London. 7.By last lesson they (do) all the task.

Passive Voice.
Раскройте скобки, поставьте глагол в соответствующую видовременную форму: I. 1.Sometimes they (ask) to help the elderly. 2.The day before he (help) in English. 3. The rubbish (take) out every day. 4.A week ago the pupils (take) to the park. 5.Some money (raise) by the children for the concert last month. 6.Many nursing homes (visit) by different charities regularly. II. 1.Usually many folk tales (read) to babies before sleeping. 2.Many forests (put ) on...
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