Student Registration System

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An Integrated ACLC Enlistment with Student Tracking and Printer Support



.A computer is an electronic device that executes the instructions in a program. It is a device that accepts information and manipulates for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed. It is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of logical operations. The particular sequence of operations can be changed readily, allowing the computer to solve more than one kind of problem. An important class of computer operations on some computing platforms is the accepting of input from human operators and the output of results formatted for human consumption. The interface between the computer and the human operator is known as the user interface. The breakthrough of the computer was the great function of modernity for different software application to make work easier, more capable, and more adaptable for the people. It has brought a new level of knowledge that became the new standard in the industry. It made the school works more efficient for students and provided path to communicate to entire school. At the moment, computer based system is commonly used by every universities and colleges.

Numerous universities and colleges tender an excellent education but it is undeniably noticeable that not all these universities or colleges provide a good enlistment system. Problems and difficulties take place from each enlistment process, hence leading to minor errors and inaccuracy. For example, the incorrect information of a student or as a whole the slow manual enlistment system that even staffs finds difficulties in managing it. Enlistment is more than just a word itself, because for many students and parents, it describes sacrifices, hunger, dilemma, and long hours of waiting, effort and money.

The ACLC-Ormoc is one of the computer schools in Ormoc, which educate their students into a different type of studies that are correlated to computer. There are many courses that this school offers. Like HRS, ACT, BOAS, BSCS, and BSIT. In Ormoc city, ACLC is one of the famous schools that many newly high school graduates from all over the province of Leyte choose to take their chosen course. And every year, there is an increase of the number of student that enrolled on this school. ACLC-Ormoc is managed by the school director named Mr. Roger Lagarde; a hardworking man, friendly and strong-minded to extend his present way of lifestyle to a better one. Because of his hard work, he continues to run and manage their business and show his best to improve the school. Mr. Roger Lagarde loves to serve people and he is smoothly operating the school, and still moving towards worldwide competitiveness. Even this school is a computer school, almost all the transactions are done manually. Because of this, the job of the staffs and instructors will take hours, days, weeks, and even months to finish. So they took to much time to finish their jobs. And even they haven’t finished their work; a new task will be assign to them. So it will take so much time to finish a single job.

The enlistment system here in ACLC is done manually. From the assigning of subjects of each course, from enlisting of subjects in the registration form, and from verifying of subjects are done manually. Because of this manual system the staff, instructors, and students take too long to finish those task. The manual assigning of schedules are prone to errors. The result of this error is the conflict in schedules. Where the student classes will be delay because of this error. In manual enlisting of subjects will also take time. In the registration form, students should fill up the four copies manually so it takes time. That sometimes it takes many hours to finish filling up the registration form, it depends on the speed of the student in writing. And in the...
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