Student Reflection

Topics: Time, Term, Education Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Well the last 9 weeks have definitely been a trying experience for me. I can not say that I have given a full 100 percent in every week. This course has taught me how to deal with getting back into the whole college mix of things. I know that I will not be able to slack off in future courses, like I have in the two classes I have been taking the last 9 weeks because the work is only going to get harder and more stressful. Therefore, I would say this course has helped me understand how my future classes will work and how much time I will need to certain assignments. It has somewhat helped me to get out of my procrastinating ways and I know it will help me be better prepared for how I handle future course; which will ultimately help me reach the career goals I am trying to pursue.

This course and the topics I have learned during the last 9 weeks have helped me realize that my long term goals are attainable, which is a bigger relief to me now than when I first started the University of Phoenix. Doing all of these assessments and using all of the learning tools have helped me realize that I like learning new things unlike the past, where I really did not like school. Ten years ago, I did not realize how valuable getting a college education would be, and I really do not think that I have even realized it until right now in week 9. Getting this degree and even future degrees will prove to be beneficial to my long term future. For example, I will be able to find a job making career type money a lot faster than I can now without an education. I will be able to move up the ladder instead of staying at the same position and pay rate without an advanced education, like I have been doing for years now. I know the payoff will be big because it will allow me to provide for my family in ways that I have not been able to which will result in less stress and more happiness in my life.\

There are a few topics that were covered in this class that really caught my...
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