Student Record System

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Education had been industrialized for the past centuries. From teaching and learning under a tree to developing the minds and skills of students through effective, efficient and modern way.

Educational Institutions nowadays are focusing their mission and vision in the quality of education. To do this, they are equipped with numbers of professionals who will be the best asset in the course of education, the Faculty. Facilities also play a big part in good education environment. Administration is last but not the least to complete the essential parts of an Educational Institution. Administering the whole institution is a big responsibility. There should be a proper segregation of duties, from staff to department. It involves not just the filing but the whole organization itself. That is why computer generated system is introduced to lessen the burden of everyone and to get every job done in the most convenient and fastest way.

One of the best methods of student administration is the Student Records System. Student records system is professional and academic discipline concerned with the

strategic, managerial and operational activities involved in the gathering, processing, storing, distributing and use of information, and its associated technologies, in society and organizations. Specifically, this computer-based record system is complementary networks of hardware/software that people or organization use to collect, filters, and process, create and distribute data. Records systems are implemented within an organization for the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of that organization. Capabilities of the information system and characteristics of the organization, its work systems, its people, and its development and implementation methodologies together determine the extent to which that purpose is achieved.

In this study, it is a software application for educational establishments to manage student records. It provides capabilities for student-related data that is needed in a school, college or university. It is the software institutional database controlling student records about the student courses, from the time the student was enrolled up to the time he is expected to finish his studies. These include his General Information, his Field of Studies, and History of grades, achievements, and other details concerning his academic and non-academic studies. It provides a good way of administering and monitoring the students’ records as a whole, thus, enabling the institution to track and audit their educational status.

Conducting a feasibility study about student records system will help not only those who build the educational institution but also the students and their parents. The first and main benefactor of this study will be the educational institution, which is of course, the school administration/registrar itself. Their responsibilities will be easier to accomplish, thus making them productive at all times. When times that records or status are needed immediately, like for example in Accreditation, the school will be able to meet their needs and demands through generating the request from the system. It will is also help the students who often indecisive on what courses they will take and in what school they want to pursue their chosen field. The students can request a copy of their record in such short period of time. Then, the parents, they will also benefit from this study by checking the status of their students and their grades. Establishing this system will help them to lessen their everyday problems. Other beneficiaries of this study are the other schools, researchers, future researchers, and the higher institutions connected to education.

1.2: Statement of the problem

This study aims to solve and explore the question “is a student record system feasible?”In seeking...
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