Student Problems

Topics: Adolescence, Time, Present Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: December 14, 2012
tStudents’ Tremendous Enemy: Tardiness
Why do you think students often come to school at the last minute of the bell? There are just two reasons for that: one is that they are busy with their projects and home works and the other one is that they are too busy playing and doing unnecessary things at the time that they need to sleep. Projects and assignments make school learners freak out; especially when there are tons of them. It is the best reason why students are most likely late when coming to school. Some school attendees are spending their whole night or even their whole night and morning finishing all the stuffs about their school. They can’t help it especially when they are running for top or if they do not want to get a low grade. The first reason why students end up being awake all the night is that they lack of time management. As a student, it is really hard to arrange your time and finish all the things that are written in your checklist list on time. The second reason is because teenagers are sluggish. Third and last reason is that students are being distracted by the technologies around them. It is really hard to accomplish things at a short period of time. We cannot blame the students for being late but we can do blame them for being lazy. Surfing the internet, chatting with friends, playing computer games and going out with pals are some of the other reason why some students are always late in school. Most of them are totally lethargic and I do not know what they want to do with their lives! Most of the teenagers today deeply differ from the old ones. Teens in the present are becoming friendlier into the technology. They are becoming unaware to their surroundings. Technology breaks slowly the children’s opportunity for a better life. All of the things you have read, I am sure that you are now familiar about the reasons why students are becoming irresponsible about the real time that they are needed to be in school. It is eventually hard to fight...
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