Student Prepaid Cash Card for Florencia Bus Company

Topics: Public transport, Smart card, Bus Pages: 22 (6809 words) Published: March 7, 2013
University of Nueva Caceres
City of Naga
College of Computer Studies

Student Prepaid Cash Card for Florencia Bus Company

In partial fulfilment for Methods of Research requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Paraños, Rose Ann B.
Benitez, Maria Judelyn R.

Nowadays, we are dealing with technology which makes our everyday life easy and practical. Everything has its own uses depending on how we apply and use it. Because of the innovations and inventions, we get what we want and upgrade them to a better one until it answer every problem that comes. Technology has contributed for this development. Through technology, work became a snap of a finger, a press on a button and a swipe of a card. Fast transactions are done the faster way. Everything has improved especially on transportation processes. From foot, people now has invented vehicles, not one but of different types. One of these types of vehicles that stand out is buses.

Buses are usually the vehicle that most people prefer to use especially when travelling in a distance. These buses are sometimes used as scheduled coach transport, school transport, private hire, tourism and even for political campaigns but most are used as public transportations. Buses especially those from abroad usually has a capacity of 300 passengers per bus. It has utilitarian fittings design for efficient movement of large number of people, and some have multiple doors. Passengers won’t need to be crowded for seats because everyone is offered a seat per person. Beside its capacity, there are advantages it gives to people who ride in them. A survey of the Philippine Statistical System says that the registered bus today is 0.57% of the total transport statistics.

According to Willy Ruag, a writer of Helium articles, in his writings, there are a number of personal advantages of taking public transportation. One possibility is a person get to meet more people hence make more friends when you take the public transport. These widen people’s social circles and make life enjoyable. Seeing this advantage on a bus, people could widen their social circle. Another is a person’s social awareness increases. By talking to other people and engaging them on the bus or train, a person could get to hear about the social issues affecting the common people. As the author had said, engaging with people on buses, the author had considered bus as one of his main points of public transportation. A person could save money because travelling by public transport will always be cheaper than burning gas in one’s own automobile. This applies to almost all people because most of the people nowadays got cars or motorcycles. The author also said that riding on a bus help to save the environment. With one automobile less on the road collectively, there will be a lot less automobiles on the roads. Hence one helps to ease congestion on the roads and hence emission of carbon dioxide and other green house effect emissions. In this bus can help the more because it has the greater capacity compared to other road vehicles.

Although there are a lot of advantages on taking buses, we can not deny its real-time disadvantage. Misty Barton, a contributing writer of, named some of these disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is Routing. Public transportation, whether people are talking about bus or train system, follow a preset route. The preset route travels from station to station taking on and letting off passengers at set stops. Although buses could stop when a passenger wants to get off, in the end they have places where they could really load passengers in. Another disadvantage is Privacy. There is no privacy in public transportation. Travellers are crowded in and do not have much personal space. There is nothing to prevent the person sitting next to another from reading documents or the screen of one’s laptop, listening in on...
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