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Project Context
In this fast pacing world today, it is undeniable that technology plays a very vital role in keeping up with pace. The rapid advancement in this field has been revolutionizing the way we live our daily lives by tearing down the horizons and eventually eradicating those completely. With the borderless shown by this field, what we just merely a glimpse of what is to come in the future. As the new generation of the people who are aiming to exhaust and utilize more possibilities in this field that are yet to be unleashed, we come up with idea of a Computer-Based viewing of Schedule, Grades and Personal Profile for the Quezon National High School that will provide an accurate and efficient system that will help the faculty members. The applicant and most especially the school itself, Quezon National High School opened first time on June 1992. As the time passes, the school continues to grow, the teachers are having a hard time in recording grade due to increase in enrolled students every year. To be able to improve the school’s system to a computer based system. This system will aid the existing problem in using the manual system. The possibility of human error in recording manually is caused by data redundancy. Added problem is the records are important and because of that, data are needed to be stored safely and properly, but the existing system doesn’t have biometrics to fully protect the records. They store grades of a student on a class record book. This doesn’t assure that the files are safely stored. In our proposed system the grades are properly stored in a compact database and it has security that will help the school protect the student’s grade. And also, the system will help the students update about their grades on a computer where the program will be installed. It will guide them on how to manage their time so they can focus on their subjects that are difficult for them to understand. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The objectives had been formulated as the working basis in completion of the capstone study.
General Objective: The proponents aim to develop the proposed system entitled “Student Portal of Quezon National High School”.
Specific Objectives: This study will be conducted with the following intentions: * To analyze how the existing problem in using manual system into computer based system works. * To identify the problem encountered in using the manual system. * To design and develop the proposed study entitled, “Student Portal of Quezon National High School” that would have the following features/characteristics: a) Computer-based of viewing grades of students.

b) To view their personal profile and;
c) Free access of their schedule.
* To determine if there is a significant difference between the evaluation of the employees and the clients on the proposed study. Scope and limitations of the study
This study aims to develop a Computer-Based of viewing schedules, grades and personal profile of Quezon National High School, the system scope and limits the following: Scope
* The study consists of the security for the teachers in recording the records of the students. * The study covers the personal profile of student of Quezon National High School; * This study is focus on viewing of student grades and schedules. Limitations

* The study does not cover the attendance of the student. * This study is limited to students who are enrolled at Quezon National High School. * Hence, the study does not cover the activities/event of the school. Information Technology Innovation



Importance of the study
This study was conducted to appraise the effectiveness of the student portal with teacher supervision. In this connection, it is the high hopes that the result of the study will be useful to all concerned in the student information. This is the beneficial to the following. The Students. Student Portal help student to...
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