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Leadership Development Program 2001/2002

Student Portal Project
May 22, 2002

Cecille Cabacungan, Goldman School of Public Policy Lesley Clark, Center for Organizational Effectiveness Rachelle Feldman, Financial Aid Office Paula Flamm, University Health Services Gail Ford, The Library

Kati Markowitz, Neuroscience Institute Stacey Shulman, Department of Chemical Engineering Dan Sullivan, Haas School of Business

Imagine a single Website personalized to meet all your cyberneeds – one that would keep you up-to-date on campus events and academic information and would be accessible from any computer.

-- The Daily Californian, April 15, 2002

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Main Report
I. Charge and Methodology
II. Findings
III. Portal Development, Current Practices
IV. Costs and Phased Implementation
V. Conclusions and Recommendations; Criteria for Measuring Portal Success VI. Three Portal Interface Options for Look and Feel; Criteria for Evaluating Options VII. Portal Names

Introduction, Charge, and Methodology
Appendix I – Definitions
Appendix II – Respondents
Appendix III – Student Survey Instrument
Appendix IV – Staff, Faculty, Administrator One-on-One Interview Questions Appendix V – Staff Focus Group Questions
Appendix VI – Staff, Faculty, and Administrator Survey Instrument Appendix VII – Portal Developer Questionnaire

UCB Student Response
Appendix VIII – Undergraduate Affairs Focus Groups, Raw Data, 2001 Appendix IX – Undergraduate Affairs Focus Groups, Draft Summary, 2001 Appendix X – UCB Student Survey Data, LDP, 2002 Appendix XI – Summary of Student Perspective

UCB Staff, Faculty and Administrator Response
Appendix XII – One-on-one Interviews, Content
Appendix XIII – Responses, UCB Staff, Faculty, and Administrator Survey Appendix XIV – Responses, Staff Focus Groups

Portal Providers
Appendix XV–Collated Responses to Non-Statistical Interview Questions Appendix XVI– Portal Developer Basic Data
Appendix XVII – Illustrative Examples of Portal Development

Appendix XVIII– Literature Review
Appendix XIX – Bibliography

Options – Sample Portals
Appendix XX – Portal Option 1
Appendix XXI – Portal Option 2
Appendix XXII – Portal Option 3

Portal Names
Appendix XXIII – Suggested Portal Names

Things you didn’t ask
Appendix XXIV – Faculty perspectives
Executive Summary

A student web portal would allow UC Berkeley students to access online campus services, websites, and course information from one convenient location, using a single user ID and password. They would be able to customize the portal to their own liking, adding or deleting links to internal websites, internal news channels aimed at particular groups of students, and external information such as sports, weather, entertainment, etc.

Our project team was asked to report on why the University should develop such a student web portal; interview Berkeley students, staff, and faculty to assess their level of interest in a portal and ensure that those who develop the portal understand the features these stakeholders feel a portal should have; investigate best practices at other Universities that have already deployed student web portals; and suggest management models for the portal...
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