Student Politics in Bangladesh

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Statement Of the problem
The purpose of this report is to find out the condition of “The Side of Student Politics in Bangladesh” Objective of this report
There are some objectives of this report
1. To gain practical knowledge
2. To submit this report
3. To know About the negative side of student politics
4. To get exemplary grade
5. To gather experience for future
The report information has been collected from both primary and secondary sources. 1. We take interviews of several people as our primary sources. 2. We collect our information from magazine, book, newspaper and website as our secondary sources. Limitation of the study

Despite of our effort to the highest level, we had some limitation in our study of the report. They are- 1. Lack of information
2. Limitation of time
3. unavoidable condition
Scope of this report
This report will provide information about “the dark side of student politics in Bangladesh”. It will helps to know about the different types of negative issues that occurs by student politics. Who is affected by the dark side of student politics. At list it can say that, by this report we will give a clear aide about the present time student politics.

Student politics
Generally the politics in which the students play chief role is known to us as student politics. STUDENTS are a component of civil society who can lead the nation towards sustainable development. From time immemorial the student community has been playing an important and unparalleled role in nation building. In China, Japan, the USA and many other countries, the students are contributing a lot for social mobility. Democracy, good governance and right-based development depend on a vibrant student community.

Though every human being is a student from cradle to grave, there is a specific time -- the periphery of life in educational institutions, which is considered 'student life'. Student life should be spent in study and interaction with all in order to develop the human caliber for future leadership. As Lenin rightly mentioned in his university lecture, "read, read and read."

History of Student politics
Student Politics  gave a new dimension to Bengal politics in the early twentieth century. The revolutionary terrorist movement, swadeshi movement and the non-cooperation movement made student politics institutionalised in the first quarter of the 20th century. But it cannot be asserted that there was no student politics in the nineteenth century. The young bengal movement was an act of students, though it was essentially an intellectual response to western education. Non-conformism was their hallmark. But the Young Bengal group also addressed social and other issues which later became a part of politics. In early 1870s, surendranath banerjea formed an association of students with an object of infusing nationalist feelings among the Indians. During the same period, ananda mohan bose invited students to join politics, and he held political classes with students. But the existing political, economic and social conditions and most importantly, disciplinary styles of school and college authorities, debarred the students from showing interest in politics. Qualifying oneself by some education for a job under the colonial government was the highest ambition of students of all classes until the end of the nineteenth century.

Student Politics in Bangladesh
Brilliant students have to come in the field of this politics.Let's go back to the history. In 1952, 1969, 1971 students played vital role to save this motherland & language. At that time student politics was used for the welfare of country. Most brilliant students leaded at that time. In those days there was no quarrel among the student politicians for money & power as of today.In our history, the students have played a glorious role at different critical times. The Language Movement of 1952, all the movements...
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