Student Management System

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The student management suite from Applane allows you to automate the processes around student needs from admission to their transportation while ensuring seamless communication between the school, students and their parents. It has been developed keeping in mind the need to bring in efficiency in student management while providing a sense of security and safety in the minds of students and their parents or guardians.

The key modules in the Applane Student Management suite include: Student Information System.

Applane provides a completely integrated Student Information System that maintains a comprehensive profile of the student which acts as the core of Student Management. This enables all supporting student management processes to connect seamlessly with each other. Using this fully automated, on-cloud solution -

Maintain a detailed student profile along with information such parent's/guardian's profile, sibling details, personal ID details such as passport and visa details, etc. •Categorize and manage all student documents submitted in scanned form using a pre-populated mandatory check-list. •Input detailed course and subject information for every student that acts as a base or core for the Education Delivery suite. •Request section change through the system with an in-built approval workflow . •Request and append personal information such as address change and contact number with ease and maintain in a central database for all future communication. •Students & parents can login at school website to view profile and place request for change in contact details and section change.

Student Admissions

For a school, student admissions is the most important process at the start of an academic session and one that requires a very efficient and seamless operation. Applane brings in the much needed clarity and reliability to the process while helping in conducting it in a fast and fair manner. Using Applane,

Parents and students can...
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