Student Involvement

Topics: Education, University, High school Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Alyssa Moody
Tonyia Benton
Intermediate English
17 August 2012
Student Involvement
The quality assurance of higher education has become recognized, as both necessary and desirable. Academically students can achieve more by having involvement in other activities. Other ways of being involved as a student is becoming a part of the community or playing sports. Although taking part of extra involvement in school activities may be stressful and time consuming it can also give motivation and reasons to strive to do better. Students have increasingly become involved in the improvement and enhancement of their own learning experiences. In today’s society it is now a necessity and desired to have a higher education. The quality assurance of a higher education can not only secure the work force, but stability for yourself and family. Students can better themselves, but can also be a positive role model for others in the community as well. Having student involvement can make a student strive for a higher education. The academic involvement of students is one of today’s greatest accomplishments. Students strive for higher grades and maintaining a higher GPA. Scholarships and other funding for students are greatly increased with academic excellence. Today's generations are making higher goals for themselves to have perfect attendance and a higher academic education. Academically students are achieving more to the importance of a higher education. The involvement of students also include becoming a part of the community and sports within the school. The student can become a part of the community by simply giving back. A student can be involved in sports within the school and be required to maintain a higher academic grade and a greater attendance. With students giving back to the community and being involved in school sports it can make students work harder academically. In conclusion, although students can take involvement in a higher education, they must also strive...
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