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Student Info System

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As one of the first applications of computer technology in education, Student Information Systems (SIS) is a software application for educational establishments to manage student data. It is the institutional database controlling student records, information, courses, and grades. Often it is part of a larger enterprise resource planning system that includes billing, payment, payroll, and other administrative functions. (“Student Information System”, Innovate) Information Systems help users to become information competent, which means making it easy for them to organize, analyze, search and use old information to create new ones. As a discipline, it focuses on exploring the interface between management, information science and computer science. Computer science focuses on information technology which is a software development. While, Information Technology (IT) is involved with the transmission, manipulation, storage of data and information, and management of computer systems within companies, universities, and other organizations. Information technology has changed the way the world does business and has had a great affect on traditional management functions. Management no longer has to rely on manual processes and a paper trail to perform everyday transactions. Information Systems help mediates the two opposing worlds of human activity system and information technology. (“Information Systems Research Group”, 26 October 2009) The first major shift in SIS technologies occurred about 15 years ago when they evolved from mainframe programs to client-server solutions. Now, vendors across the board are offering centralized Web-based systems. These newer products are based on industry-standard database technologies that allow a SIS to share data with other critical administrative applications such as transportation, special education management, or food service. In addition, the latest generation of systems provides options for communicating important academic...

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