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Topics: Human resource management, Huawei, Performance appraisal Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: April 29, 2013
MGM601 SPRING 2013-02-28
Term paper need to be made on an organization of your choice. Sample- structure
Nestle UAE - A report need to be made looking at the processes and activities of Nestle in UAE and the jobs and structure of Nestle in UAE. Analyze and evaluate how their jobs and structure and management practices help them to become competitive in the market. The report should include 1- a small introduction of what the paper is about and the company- 1 page 2- History of Nestle and nestle history in UAE and region- 2 pages 3- Nestle competitors in few product segments of your choice and business development activities in UAE _ financial turnover from annual reports 4- Recruitment and manpower planning of the company. Structure and work flow of atleast one job of your interest.- 3 pages 5- Training and employee development in Nestle- 3 pages

6- Performance appraisal- 3 pages
7- How performance appraisal and training and reward management are connected in Nestle- 2pages 8- Compensation and benefit practices in Nestle UAE
9- Nestle culture and employee engagement + CSR activities 10- Analysis and Conclusion with recommendations
11- References- Harvard style
12- Appendix- questionnaires or interview questions used and any other material related to performance appraisals. Or
You may do the same for HUAWEI Technologies Co Ltd,Or Intel Or Nakheel Or MAF ventures,Or EEG, or any other company TNT, TNS, Delloitte

Marking guidelines
A grade – for covering all the areas mentioned above in a clear and coherent manner with relevant methods of data collection, analysis and evaluation and recommendations which is innovative and practical for the company. B grade- Analysis, Data and evaluation done to minimum as given with no innovative thoughts expressed C- Grade- All the points given above not covered , but some are there and clarity is low and no continuity of...
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