Student Imposture

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Student Imposture Reflection Essay
June 5, 2011

Student Imposture

Student Imposture is a growing trend for students enrolled in on line classes. A student imposture is an instance of pretending to be someone else in order to deceive others. There are many motives and reasons a student taking an online class would want an impostor.

I think there are many motives and reasons for wanting to have a student imposter. One motive would be that the student just does not want to take the time to do the work his or herself. Two they have a fear of failing and he or she doesn’t think they are good enough. Or he or she could have a job and are falling behind. Imposters doubt their achievements are a result of their ability and instead attribute their success to non-ability factors. These are just a few motives that come to mind.

The surrogate student is trying to achieve goals that he or she hasn’t fulfilled on their own. Or he or she feels they still have something to prove to others, and they just want the acknowledgement and the feeling of being needed. The surrogate if they get caught can end up in serious trouble. So it can play games with your mind. Not only having to worry about acting as someone else you have the worry of being caught. It isn’t worth it in my book.

The actual student is hoping to obtain an easy grade and not having to do it themselves. He or she wants everyone to think that they are doing a good job. He or she probably is used to getting everything handed to them so they don’t know how to do it themselves. I would not want the worry of being caught. It is only hurting them by not doing their work. He or she is not learning the material that is needed to be successful. Once they get their degree and are out in the work force it will show. That’s when it will come around to bite them in the butt. It makes them look good for a while but time will tell.

If you are taking online classes, and you get caught having a surrogate student...
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