Student Identity Verification System

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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(Student Identity Verification System of AICS)

1.What is the current Student Identity Verification System that AICS is currently using right now? Answer: Currently AICS used the manual process in verifying the identification of the student. The guard on duty will check the student ID of the student and verify whether the student wearing it is also the one who is in the ID she/he presented. 2.Is there any problem you encountered by using the current system? Answer: Yes there is. Some of the problem we encountered is that some of the student enters the school premises even though they don’t have their ID because sometimes the guard on duty is not in his post. It is also difficult to monitor whether the student is already in the school premises or not. Also some of the student wears the ID of other student just to enter the school premises, this happen because sometimes the guard didn’t verify the ID. 3. Do you think the current system will need upgrade or AICS just need to change the guard? Answer: We think the system needs to be upgraded because even though AICS will change the guard same thing will happen. 4.If the system will be upgraded and to be converted in a computerized one, what feature you want to see in the system? Answer: The system needs to automatically display the information of the student including his/her picture when the student enters his/her student number or swipe his/her ID and if possible before the gate will open for verification purposes he/she needs to scan his/her finger prints. If the information displayed on the monitor and the information displayed when the student scan his/her finger print match the gate will automatically open. But the most important feature is for the system to record what time the students enters and leaves the school for easy monitoring for their attendance and also for easily verification whether the students is still in the school premises or not when their guardians or...
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