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Student's Guidelines for Writing Summer Internship Report
An Initiative of NITIE Centre for Communication Studies


An Initiative of NITIE Centre for Communication Studies

SN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Particulars Aim Need of the Internship Report & Presentation Essentials of Internship Report Approach Choosing/Finalizing the Topic General Guidelines Cover Page Format Certificates Acknowledgement Executive Summary Table of Contents List of Illustrations/Tables/Figures Chapter Scheme References Appendices Reference Material Important Advise List of Tools Preparing Power Point Presentation Do's and Don'ts Warning Process Flow Chart Page No. 03 03 03 05 05 05 07 08 08 08 10 11 11 14 15 16 16 16 17 17 18 19

An Initiative of NITIE Centre for Communication Studies


1. Aim: After reading this manual, student interns will be able to understand the purpose of the internship programme. format of the internship report. 2. Need of the Internship Report & Presentation The importance of internship programme cannot be ignored as it bestows a link to enable the Student intern for pursuing the corporate world practicalities. The two-month internship programme in companies during semester –IV carries a weightage of 08 credits. NITIE‟s objective for internship programme is to provide student intern a real life learning environment for carrying out certain professional work conducive to foster innovation in productivity and business development. Student Interns generally get confused between the objectives of project and the objectives of internship. The main objective of internship for a student is to undertake a project and the objective of undertaking project is to carry out any professional work under the guidance of company guide and faculty guide. The professional work undertaken by a student intern needs to be reported in a way that would reflect their written and oral communication skills. Students are generally encouraged in their belief that their writing skills are satisfactory by success in schools and college examinations and therefore do not pay much attention to requisites of writing. Writing is equally a science and an art. Student Interns are asked to write an internship report for various reasons, including practice in the following: 1. Organizing and presenting large amount of information. 2. Defining the problem for forming optimal conclusions and appropriate recommendations by adopting scientific and logical procedures. 3. Interpreting and following instructions, 4. Effective oral and written communication skills 5. Achievements of targets by being disciplined.

3. Essentials of Internship Report An internship report essentially contains four parts; however, it may also contain other information as referred in figure 1. The essential parts are: A clear defined problem dealing with the study; The details of study including: suppositions, alternatives, and expected outcomes; Conclusion following from the details; and Recommendations derived from the conclusions and addressing the problems.

An Initiative of NITIE Centre for Communication Studies


Academic and Professional contribution of work done (e.g. for fostering innovation in productivity and business development.)

Reference/ Bibliography
Academic and Professional Contribution Conclusion, Recommendations and Scope for Future Work

Data Collection and Analysis

Method of Study Literature Review Introduction
List of Illustrations/Figures/Tables

Table of Contents

Executive Summary Acknowledgement Certificates

Title Page
Cover Page

Figure 1: Pattern of presenting a summer internship report
(Adapted from UBC MSS Internship program Student Handbook)

An Initiative of NITIE Centre for Communication Studies


4. Approach Student...
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