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Topics: Economics, Marginal utility, Marginalism Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Are you familiar with the Law on Diminishing Marginal Utility? This law is based on a theory in Economics which affects the consumer behavior based on utility. Utility is the desire of a person in purchasing a product or service. Marginal utility is the satisfaction that a person gets from the additional product or service he consumes. The law on diminishing marginal utility states that as product or service consumed increases, the utility is decreasing.

Applying the concept in the present situation of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao, as years passed and as graduates of accountancy increases, the number of board takers also increases. But in the contrary, the level of the qualification in the CHED standard of the number of passers to the CPA licensure board examination is decreasing. What could have been the major factor- faculty, students, or what? It is on use to pinpoint for spilled milk but give this article a chance to be read, to be heard.

Being enrolled as an accountancy student comes with responsibilities: devoting time to study read and solve problems, maintaining grades, and participating to organizational activities. But the responsibility does not begin nor stop there. On the first day that you became an accountancy student, plan of passing the board exam should be set right away. The fire of attaining this goal should be kept burning and further be lightening up as we go along our course. From the start, we should be sure of ourselves, sketching our future, drawing our path going to the PICC to take the oath. It will not be our sole gain but for the PnC as well, for our alma mater in high school, our professors, and for our parents. Consistency, focus and passion should be dwelling in us.

The reverse of these is the most common situation in our department. We should not be blaming others nor looking at someone else's flaws because the problem and the solution are within us! We don't need all the outstanding students in high school but the ones...
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