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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Student Essay
What interests me about Waterford is the fact that Waterford is an online academy. Due to the fact that Waterford is an online academy, I will be able to do my schoolwork 24/7. Using the Internet to study, interact with other students, and research information will teach me technological skills. Also the online instructors have practical knowledge and may be from any location in the world. This will help me come into contact with knowledge which may not be available in schools or books. Online learning enables student-centered teaching approaches. This will help me learn in the manner which is most suitable for me. One of the things that I will need from my mentor is occasional guidance. Another is explanation at infrequent intervals for those topics which prove to be difficult. I think that by learning online I will be able to schedule my work in such a way that will be pleasant and enjoyable for me. Also, because of my religious studies I will be able to study at hours that are convenient for me. I will keep myself on track for completing my work successfully by prioritizing assignments according to their due dates and difficulty. I will also keep myself on track by reserving a certain time period everyday for schoolwork. From this program I hope to complete my academic studies alongside with my religious studies which I do full-time. I also hope to improve my GPA and make up for any deficiencies I might have in my education right now.
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