Student Development Essay

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Psychology, Associate's degree Pages: 7 (1002 words) Published: November 15, 2011
SDV 100-02CD Final Exam – Friday
Fall 2011 #46626
Name: __________________________
This is the Final Exam. It is due Friday, October 14, 2011 at 1:00pm. Consider it your ticket into class! You may complete it early and email it to me
1. Students need to go into PeopleSoft and
Print off:
a) Your class schedule
b) Your “select aid year to view” page
c) Your “addresses” page
They need to turn these pages in with this Final Exam.
2. Degrees which are designed to transfer include:
a) Certificates
b) Associate of Applied Science
c) Associate of Science
d) Associate of Arts

3. How does receiving advising and following your degree plan (curriculum) help you to graduate “on time”? What are two resources at the College you can use for advice or information about your degree plan? 4. If you memorize information, you are learning to:

A. recall
B. recognize
C. think critically
D. analyze

5. The three R’s of remembering are:
A. realize, recognize, retain
B. realize, retain, retrieve
C. record, retain, retrieve
D. recognize, retain, retrieve

6. When you consolidate memories in your brain, you are:
A. recording
B. retaining
C. retrieving
D. realizing
7. What advice is least helpful to increase your attention when it wanders? A. Ignore the distraction.
B. Turn off the TV.
C. Turn down the music.
D. Close the extra windows on your browser.

8. A memory principle that helps actors memorize lines by dividing material in manageable units is called:
A. checking
B. choosing
C. chunking
D. chopping

9. A useful way to remember what you read is to:
A. read extra slowly
B. skim quickly
C. take notes in your own words
D. all the given answers

10. Good readers read:
A. quickly
B. slowly
C. for understanding
D. by skimming

11. Reading challenges can be caused by:
A. physical factors
B. psychological factors
C. physical and psychological factors
D. none of the given answers

12. First-year students often need to read and understand:
A. 50-75 pages per week
B. 75-100 pages per week
C. 100-150 pages per week
D. 150-200 pages per week

13. When you read a textbook or a novel, you should treat it like a ____ experience. A. fine dining
B. fast food
C. boring
D. tiresome

14. In every book you read, the author is trying to:
A. convince you
B. entertain you
C. consider you
D. train you

15. One way to determine what is and is not important in a reading is to: A. guess
B. read everything
C. ask your instructor
D. none of the given answers
16. The ____ aspect of test anxiety leads to nonproductive thoughts that run through your mind.
A. cognitive
B. emotional
C. behavioral
D. physiological

17. The ____ aspect of test anxiety leads to negative feelings that you experience related to the exam.
A. cognitive
B. emotional
C. behavioral
D. physiological

18. The ____ aspect of test anxiety leads to observable indications of stress. A. cognitive
B. emotional
C. behavioral
D. physiological

19. If you experience butterflies in your stomach you are experiencing a/an ____ aspect of test anxiety.
A. cognitive
B. emotional
C. behavioral
D. physiological

20. One way to address the ____ aspect of test anxiety is to stop nonproductive selftalk. A. cognitive
B. emotional
C. behavioral
D. physiological
21. A set of skills that determines how well you cope with the demands and pressures you face every day is called:
A. linguistic intelligence
B. mathematical intelligence
C. emotional intelligence
D. kinesthetic intelligence

22. The ability to relate to others indicates that you have strong ____ skills. A. interpersonal
B. stress management
C. adaptability
D. general mood

23. The ability to manage your emotions so that they work for you and not against you indicates that you have...
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