Student Course Reflection

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Student Course Reflection

I feel as though this class has greatly improved my chance of success to attain my academic and career goals. Over the last nine weeks I have learned about and perfected new skills that will be needed in my future classes as well as in the professional job market. The exercises in critical thinking, my writing foundations lab and ethical lens inventory have helped me by refreshing my grammar and vocabulary skills and showing me why and how I get to conclusions in certain situations. These skills will get tremendous use in my upcoming courses and in my field of work. By mastering the assessments on my writing foundations lab and doing the corresponding work associated with it, I feel much more confident in my skills on punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure and my overall writing abilities. The critical thinking used in answering discussion questions will also be used frequently in my future classes. I have learned to use others input and ideas to further my own opinions and have come to realize that I retain so much more information by listening to what others have to add to my posts.

The value of getting a degree in higher education for me is use that degree to obtain a higher paying job within the company that I am currently employed. In the long term obtaining my degree will enable me to save more money for retirement, live a more comfortable lifestyle and also put more money into my children’s college funds. I also believe that obtaining this degree will give me a sense of accomplishment and will also be used as an example to my children that will hopefully motivate them to go to college and get their degrees. Times have changed and many folks even with degrees are struggling to find work. So they are taking any type of job they can get. If you do not have a degree, you are at a huge disadvantage right from the beginning.

The most enjoyable part of this class for me was the online learning system in place at University...
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