Student Counselling Business Plan

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Origin of the idea can be traced back to the situation every student is confronted with at any significant level of education such as 10th, 12th and graduation. Most of the students are completely unaware about the array of fields available for pursuing career in to. The choice of career is mostly governed by the marks one scores in the qualifying exam like 10th. High scoring students invariably go to science field, while those next in line are always advised to pursue career in commerce field and remaining supposedly “incapable” students have to opt for arts field. Moreover, after 12th exam, science students mainly go for medical or engineering graduation, ignoring other available specializations. Similarly, commerce students end up choosing either CA or CS which are well-known specializations. The situation for arts students is even abysmal. As a result, we have an engineering graduate who has to forget about his ability to paint marvellous pictures, the condition which results in to loss of a potential painter and frustration on the part of the student.

The service that we intend to provide can simply be expressed as career counselling for aspiring candidates. But the scope of the mission is not limited to just guiding a student to established career choices but to understand the candidate as a person, consider his family background and then providing him with the most suitable options.

Uniqueness of the idea is easily apparent from the situation that at least in Pune urban area, no such service is provided which has such a wide scope and which dedicatedly revolves around the student.

A well-known Marathi actor Dr. Shriram Lagoo correctly depicts the problem we intend to address. He studied medicine in B.J. Medical College Pune, went to Mumbai to become an ENT surgeon and even practiced medicine for quite some time. Not before long, he ventured out to do what he had always wanted to, theatre. The case can’t be dismissed by saying that it was an isolated phenomenon in 1970s, we still have many a students who have to choose from among the established career options simply because of family pressure or just because they are not even aware of various branches that exist.

Second problem is associated with the misconception that besides doctor and engineer, nobody is ever able to earn money and respect in the society. These two coveted professions continue to attract a large share of students even today. A candidate is expected to blindly follow his parents’ footsteps completely disregarding and at times even suppressing his potential and likes and dislikes. It is the birth-right of any student to know about hitherto ignored options like GIS/RS, Oceanography, UPSC/MPSC, Defence, Geology, and various courses available in premium institutes like TISS, IGIDR, IIFT etc. After any Indian scientist wins a Nobel Prize, everyone is on the front to congratulate him but the euphoria is not seen to get converted in to large number of admissions in the basic science courses. The number of engineering colleges and students opting for this profession is growing at an exponential rate even when there seems to be a situation of saturation in jobs for engineers whereas on the other hand premier research institutes like IISC, CCMB and BARC are starving for inflow of fresh talent. Decision of career choice is often influenced by a person, a close relative or a friend, whose opinion is valued beyond reason and which in turn aggravates the problem.

With so many students opting for management courses at post-graduate level, we are confronted with another problem area. The existing coaching classes which aid students to crack the entrance exams and the colleges which the students get admission in to, have no established mechanism to guide them while choosing the specialization. Now, the need to choose the right branch from among Marketing, HR, Finance,...
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