Student Council Speech

Topics: Leadership, Public relations, Propaganda Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: July 7, 2012
To keep an eye on public opinion regarding different issues, to present arguments on behalf of the council, to respond to inquiries of the student body, to conduct internal and public communications, to plan public relation programs, and to monitor public perceptions of the entire college. Those are the main tasks of a PRO, or Public Relations Officer.

Fellow inhinyeros, faculties, teachers, administration, a pleasant evening to all of you!

The name’s Darren Carlos Dela Cruz, BSCVE 1, vying for the position of PRO. I stand before you today, urging you to vote for me. Today’s election is of dire importance to both short-term and long-term future of the College of Engineering. That is why we need strong leadership next year. I would like to remind you all that the position of PRO is not a figurehead. This is a real job with real hard work and strong dedication, and I feel that I am the best qualified candidate to perform the job and assume the role. I’m a freshman and I come out bringing new energy and new enthusiasm to the student council. I have a modest track record in the school academic as well as active participations in activities. Furthermore, I am ready to work with willingness for your benefit. If you empower me with your confidence and trust, I will do everything but the impossible to represent your interests and achieve our common goals and ideals. Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot encourage you enough to make the right choice and vote me/us. But our dedication and hard work will lead us into a golden age.

Before I conclude my speech, I would like to present to you one of our platforms for the coming Academic Year. PLATFORM: Transmission of Information
* Thoroughly develop the college paper, The Engineering Perspective * We will serve as a mediator between the students and faculty members in different fields of their studies especially during the arousal of problems * Advanced information announcement --- As one of our...
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