Student Council Investiture Step Down Speech

Topics: Leadership, Positive psychology, Student council Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: June 3, 2012
A very good morning to our Principal Mr Chin, Vice - Principal Mr Michael, teachers and fellow schoolmates. It has been more than a year since I was elected as the President of the Student Council. It was a position with great responsibility as I took up the challenge to lead the 10th student council.

This process wasn't easy after all. Before taking up this responsibility, I was an insignificant individual, a ‘nobody’ in many people’s eyes. With my past backgrounds of certain commitment in this school, I believed that I had left a negative impression in many staff and schoolmates. This made it even more challenging for me to gain the recognition of everybody in the school.

Taking up this post pressurized me with high level of expectations and it also means that I had to change many things in order to uphold the image. Being in the council, I got many opportunities to plan and execute the major events, and I get to train the new councilors, planned and held meetings myself, and I managed to see many of my juniors growing. This gave me a great level of satisfaction being able to contribute in grooming my juniors in becoming young leaders. Through all these processes, I see myself growing too. I learnt many things in the council and I managed to gain respect from my juniors and friends. I learnt to be non-judgmental when evaluating issues, I learnt to draw a distinct line between work and personal life, I learnt to not let my emotions affect any work, and of course, I learnt to manage the huge group of councilors. Although I was clearly aware that at the end of the day, no matter how much I have done, I will gain no recognition and it will not reflect anywhere, I was not bothered by it and tried my best to fulfill every task to the best standard I can.

This journey was really challenging. I am aware that many individuals once discriminated and looked down on me, but I hope that after putting so much effort, I have already proved to all of you my...
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