Student: Business Process Management and Information Systems

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1.| Which of the following is true of N:M relationships?|
| a.| The number of entities on each side must be equal.| b.| They are common examples of minimum cardinalities.|
c.| They are also called one-to-many relationships.|
d.| They can have more than one entity on each side of the relationship.|

2.| Which of the following is an example of an open source operating system?| | a.| MS Office|
b.| Apache|
c.| MySQL|
d.| Ubuntu|

3.| Computers that reside in different geographic locations are connected using a(n) ________.| | a.| WAN|
b.| LAN|
c.| URL|
d.| IP address|

4.| A project manager has to manage tasks and budgets and solve problems during the ________ phase of project management.| | a.| planning|
b.| starting|
c.| doing|
d.| finalizing|

5.| Users employ servers for ________.|
| a.| processing spreadsheets|
b.| accessing documents|
c.| accessing database|
d.| processing shared databases|

6.| Microsoft Office is an example of a closed source project.| | a.true b.false|

7.| A decision is called an operational decision if it ________.| | a.| is made by an individual rather than a group|
b.| is made by managers|
c.| involves allocation of resources|
d.| concerns day-to-day activities|

8.| Main memory is also known as ________.|
| a.| cache memory|
b.| random access memory|
c.| read-only memory|
d.| optical memory|

9.| Which of the following is an example of a dynamic process?| | a.| Samsung accepts a return of a defective television from its dealer.| b.| Starbucks places an order for coffee beans from its local supplier.| c.| hires customer service respresentatives to help customers with their online orders.| d.| Nike uses Facebook and Twitter to generate buzz about its new line of running shoes.|


10.| Focused differentiation occurs when ________.|
| a.| a better product is provided within an industry segment| b.| there is limited competition in an industry|
c.| the customers are highly price sensitive|
d.| product quality improves across an entire industry|

11.| An organization uses a formula to compute the reorder quantity of an item in inventory. This is an example of a(n) ________ decision process.| | a.| structured|
b.| organizational|
c.| corporate|
d.| strategic|

12.| TCP/IP Protocol architecture is a scheme of four protocol types arranged in layers.| | a.true b.false|

13.| Program instructions are moved to the CPU from the main memory through data channels.| | a.true b.false|

14.| Which of the following is an international standard language for processing a database?| | a.| Paradox|
b.| DB2|
c.| SQL|
d.| MS Access|

15.| Moore's law predicts that the price to performance ratio of computers will double once in eighteen months.| | a.true b.false|

16.| When using volatile memory, the ________.|
| a.| processor heats up during operation|
b.| files are stored permanently|
c.| processing becomes very slow|
d.| contents are lost when power is off|

17.| The protocols used on the Internet are arranged according to a structure known as the ________ protocol architecture.| | a.| FTP|
b.| VOIP|
c.| ICANN|
d.| TCP/IP|

18.| A customer relationship management (CRM) system contains the names and phone numbers of customers. Such things stored in a CRM system are part of the ________ component. | | a.| software|

b.| data|
c.| procedure|
d.| people|

19.| The CPU keeps frequently used instructions in the ________.| | a.| nonvolatile memory|
b.| main memory|
c.| cache|
d.| hard disk|

20.| To reduce the substantial work that needs to be done to customize an ERP application to a particular...
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