Student Brawl

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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@rajab1377: Exactly your point! Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world with more than 650,000 mosques (registered) and perhaps millions more of unregistered ones (including madrasah, pesantren etc). We even have Minister of Religious (Islamic) Affairs - whose salary is paid by hard-working tax payers from ALL RELIGIONS! If you still think the reason of these school brawls was because Indonesia is lacking religious knowledge or institutions etc, that's BS crap! How many more mosques do we need? 250 millions, one for each Indonesian? And if you think because Indonesia doesn't properly follow Islamic laws, go to Aceh and see it for yourself all the human rights violations by Syariah Police, aside of intense drugs and human traficking! In fact Aceh was recently surveyed as the no.2 most corrupt province (behind Jakarta *gasp!). Talking about hypocrisy! Seriously dude, wake up from your (edit) ignorance and work with us as part of solution, stop being part of the problem!

2:13pm Oct 3, 2012
Salaam Alaykum,
It seems surprising to hear such terrible news of killing among school children, its very rare that school children can go upto killing, even in college it is very rare that there is killing & it is more surprising that Indonesia which has more than 90% Muslim population. The children who can kill at this young age can do more bigger crime when he/she will grow old. Its a shameful act & killer's parents must curse themselves for upbringing a killer. Shame on them. This happens due to lack of religious knowledge & no proper following Islamic laws, the law of Allah mighty & Glorious, Lord of the Worlds which leads you to live a beautiful life in Dunya & will give you salvation in Akhirat. Also note that don't compare yourself with west in killing or any other crime, its a shameful act & everyone must be ashamed for this act, compare yourself with the good of other countries & learn from them good & not bad....
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