Student Beliefs and the Teaching of Argument

Topics: Writing, Thought, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Name: Daniel Na

Course: ENGL 135

Instructor: Monika Rydygier Smith

Reading Response: Student Beliefs and the Teaching of Argument

1) After scanned through the article, I think it is about a new kind of teaching method. It is quite short for a research paper, only have an introduction paragraph and two other paragraphs, “Argument as Persuasion Dialogue” and “Point of view and the commitment store”. Basically, the article suggest that when a student writing a essay, considering the arguments of the essay as a persuasion dialogue is a good concept for students to a good essay and makes students become a critical thinker. For me, writing a good essay with essay with a good argument are always hard, because I always give the most common arguments, which makes the essay board and tedious. It is actually make sense though, through the argument with teachers or peers, usually students could gain more information and build a wholesome thinking pattern. Hence, the will be able to write better essay. But students nowadays, or teenagers in general, is not that easy to be convinced. Even sometimes, as long as teachers tell them what is right, they will go to the exactly opposite direction on purpose. So, for a teacher, finding the balance point in the persuasion dialogue is very important. Moreover, my second thought was that is it really necessary to persuade students? In my opinion, the liberty of thought is critically important for academic achievements. Sometimes, those safe arguments will not lead to a positive progress to the society. Change is what keeps us from becoming stagnant, makes our life moving to a new level and allows us to achieve something we never thought about, the greatness we desire and deserve. Therefore, from my point of view, as long as the view of the student have is not too extreme or evil, there is no need to persuade them to get another argument for their writing assignment.

2) The article was originally...
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