Student Athletes vs Regular Students

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Evian Napier
Professor Ferguson
ENGL 0096
12 November 2012

Although college is a great place to be! There are a lot of suspicious schemes to the educational system called college. Schools may try to hype their programs to be something that are not, and once students and their parents buy into those schemes, a schools “true colors” began to show. The schemes that I am referring to are: “Student Athlete vs. The average student”. There’s a big difference between the two and I don’t understand why. It’s a little unfair to me, how student athletes get treated better than people who actually work hard to get in school and stay in school. The behaviors of colleges towards non-athletes and athletes are different, and if it’s not fair to those students who are non-athletes. This discrimination from colleges should not be allowed because there are more average students than there are student athletes.

Paying tuition for college is not something that students and parents look forward when they think about college, but mostly everyone wants to succeed in life, so they know that an education is needed to do so. People go through deep measures to make sure that they have their tuition paid such as working a few jobs, signing their lives away via loans, or just asking their parents to carry on another bill that they may or may not be able to afford. None of these processes are easy, but they have to be done to obtain a college education. College athletes don’t have those same worries, they hardly have any worries except for getting their work done and training for the sport they acquire. Their college tuition is taking care of and sometimes even their housing and all other fees that come along with college. So my argument is, Is this fair from colleges to worships students athletes as they do? I kn
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