Student Athletes vs. Academic Students

Topics: Higher education, College, University Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Most of today’s colleges and universities are made up of two demographics. One of which is student athletes and the other is regular academics students. These two groups of students coexist on campuses all over the world, but is one group more important that the other? How are the underlying issues dealt with between the two sides? Collegiate athletics is very important and make a huge contribution to institutes worldwide and society in general. Student Athlete’s schedules are generally more demanding, they help promote further education past the high school level, and collegiate athletics produce good leaders. Both student athletes and more academically sided students have demanding schedules. Student athletes are not only greatly focused on their sport, but they too are focused on their academics. They compete in their sport so they can study their major and pursue their career. Since student athletes, are just as concerned with their studies as regular students, and they compete in their sport, their schedule is more demanding. This disciplinary environment builds character in the individual and helps them become a more rounded person. Student athletes are an essential part of today’s education system. Colleges and universities that have student athletes, have walking, talking advertisers that help promote that institute. A broader view of the concept that student athletes promote individual colleges is that they are also promoting a higher education. People can relate to and admire student athletes, therefore those people consider college. By having athletics, colleges give a lot of high school athletes the opportunity to go to college; otherwise some of those high school athletes wouldn’t have that same opportunity. Current student athletes and past student athletes play very important roles in our society. Current student athletes not only promote a higher education, but they individually and as a whole help lead their college or university. Past student...
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