Student Athletes Should Be Paid

Topics: Major League Baseball, College, High school Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Student Athlete or Athletic Students?
College athletes are truly missing a important step in their lives by ignoring the school aspect of college sports. The term student athlete only applies to about half of the baseball players I've played with. I always have noticed this problem in college sports but never did I imagine how bad it really is. Colleges and coaches need to deal with this soon before young athletes completely forget the importance of going to school and getting a degree.

Too many college athletes are going to school for the wrong reasons. All they are at school for is sports. They do not go to class or make any effort to pass them. Young athletes now days are constantly hearing about other athletes through the media who are going pro after one year of school, or others planning to do that before they even leave high school. A great example of this is Bryce Harper, he is a 17 year old major league baseball player who dropped out of high school as a sophomore, played one year of community college baseball then got drafted. Young athletes who see these kid all over ESPN begin to forget about college all together. They look at college as a stepping stone to the pro's. If we let this continue it will get worse and worse for future generations, eventually college will be out of the question for young athletes. This problem needs to be stopped before it gets any worse.

The NCAA, NJCAA and professional teams need to bond together to prevent the destruction of the lives of many future star athletes by making it so a person cannot be drafted until he or she is 21 or a junior. The current rule for community college sports is an athlete has to complete one year to be eligible for the draft. ESPN and other sports media need to stop providing false reality for young players. The media needs to stop focusing on athletes who leave college early for pro's. This just setting a terrible example for future generations. All we are teaching them is that...
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