Student Athlete Treatment

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, National Collegiate Athletic Association Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Student Athlete treatment

A controversial issue that is constantly brought up in regards to collegiate athletes is the fairness of receiving, or lack there of, extra benefits. The rules put in place for banning athletes to receive any extra benefits was once not as strict as it is today. Anyone familiar with the sports world knows that frequently in the past, athletes chose to go to a college based on the benefits or perks they would be receiving from that particular place. Being a college athlete myself, I am aware of the countless amounts of hours that are put into a respected sport. With that being said, I believe that athletes should be allowed to receive some special treatment for the amount of commitment and dedication that is spent on their sport.

It is obvious that there is a difference in level of competition in college between division II and III athletes, and division I athletes. Regardless of the level, time commitment is undeniably demanding. I am going to focus on division I athletes, in particular football and basketball, since they’re the ones making the most money for their schools. A division I athlete is most of the time restricted to one sport that is played year round. This is due to the time that is spent in the offseason, preseason, season, and post-season working toward one common goal, to improve individually in their sport and help contribute to later successes. Which leads me into my argument for why it should be allowed to receive extra treatment due to the fact that time alone is not a debatable factor. A normal college student can go to school and have free time to get a part time job to help pay for expenses that a college student has. You must keep in mind that mostly everyone is college is a legal adult and in many cases is responsible for their own bills. The ages of student’s ranges anywhere from 17-22. As a regular student, you have time to pick up a job to help pay for expenses such as rent, phone bills, car payments,...
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