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29 September 2010
On Being a Student Athlete
A student athlete is a person that participates in a sport that the educational institution, in which he or she is enrolled in, sponsors. Although, this may sound fun and easy it is the complete opposite. Being a student athlete is stressful and hard. Sometimes being a student athlete becomes so stressful and hard that it begins to be questioned “Do I want to be a student athlete anymore?”

Not all student athletes are on scholarship which means that they have to pay for school with their own money. Paying for school out of your own pocket is definitely not easy especially people who are out of state. For example, I am an out-of-state student athlete, which means I pay about five times more per credit hour, at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University that is not on scholarship. Due to that I do not have enough financial aid to cover my educational fees I have to pay one thousand dollars out of my own pocket. This is money I could have used to purchase me a much needed computer, printer or a laptop. Out-of-pocket money is common among student athletes too, not all of them have scholarships.

Student athletes are often overwhelmed with the time they have between school and athletics which, most of the time, causes stress. For example, with being a student athlete of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University I was overwhelmed to find the sport in which I participate, football, has practice every day except for the weekend. This gives me a small time to do my homework and study. Although, it may seem that I should adjust easily since I played football in high school it is not that easy. In high school we meet one time daily on the week day. At FAMU we meet three times on the weekday with games mostly on Saturday. The consequence for this sometimes shows in the grades we make and without good grades you may become ineligible to play the sport in which you participate.

The weekend is the time that mostly...
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