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Anheuscher Busch InBev

Maastricht University| | | |
School of Business & Economics| | | |
Place & date:| Maastricht, 13.03.13| | | |
Name, initials:| S. Rufas, N. Kuhlmann, CC. Rutten| | For assessor only| | ID number:| I6050258, i6050247, i6047974| | 1. Content| | Study:| International Business| | 2. Language structure| | Course code:| EBC1017| | 3. Language accuracy| |

Group number:| 13| | 4. Language: Format & citing/referencing| | Tutor name:| F. Lingertat| | Overall:| |
Writing tutor name:| -| | Advisory grade| |
Writing assignment:| Strategy project| | Assessor’s initials| | Your UM email address:

Strategy Project Task 2: Agreement on working procedures
For this strategy project we were divided up into groups of three. Since teamwork, in this case, is a necessity to deliver quality work we meet up once a week after tutorial and we often interact through Facebook and Skype. To maintain a pleasant atmosphere, we have coffee breaks together. Decisions are made rather easily within this group since all the members are open minded and appreciate each other ideas and inputs. We therefore write down all the different ideas and as a team chose which ones are the best to use, which often leads to interesting debates. We have divided the roles up so that we all bring input to the table for each task but only one person writes it up. The one who writes it up switches for every task. We are also all eager to work so there is no reason for one person to lead. We will start working on the case presentation at least 2 weeks before so we are well prepared. Lastly, if agreements are not met, for example an individual does not show up to a meeting, they are punished by having to write up the next task.

Strategy Project Task 3: Mission and Goals
Anheuser Busch is the biggest beer brewing company in the world and its mission is called their “dream”, “to be the best beer company in a better world”. While Anheuser Busch tries to reach this long term goal referred to as their “dream”, the company sets up short term goals every year.  Forecasting the year 2013, Anheuser Busch does not expect the economy to change drastically. In this environment, the company will focus on things which it can control. Growing revenues compared to the industry growth, taking action to be more profitable while strengthening the financial foundations are the basic goals which occurred in the last few years. One can also find more explicit goals of the company. The company tries to establish a deep relationship with their consumers so that they enjoy their brands again and again. The company wants to build up a long-life relationship with its consumers. They have a strong brand portfolio with over 200 different brands, enough to obtain a wide range of customers. Another goal is to deliver volume growth, which should exceed market growth. This goal should be achieved by further strengthening brand innovation in order to stay ahead of current market trends and maintain the focus on the consumer. The last important goal for Anheuser Busch in the short and medium term is to drive external growth through selected acquisitions. This is an existing goal over years and Anheuser Busch has demonstrated its ability to successfully integrate acquisitions in the past, by currently having over 200 different beer brands in their portfolio.  To sum it up, Anheuser Busch is a stable company, which has had a big brand portfolio for the past few years. It tries to achieve their dream by setting similar goals every year.

Strategy Project Task 4: External analysis
This section is dedicated to the external environment, which is essential to identify the industry within which the firm operates and even more important, the way industries are classified. The standard industry classification (SIC) is defined as a standard series of four-digit codes created by...
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