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Topics: Global warming, Fossil fuel, Wind power Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: July 24, 2012
sStudent Action Plan

Ecological integrity are those natural processes and systems that sustains life on the earth. Ecological integrity includes earth's resources. Basically there are two types of natural resources ie renewable and non renewable. Renewable natural resources are present in abundant supply that will last for ever like sunlight, wind, water etc and non renewable natural resources are fossil fuels, metallic minerals like iron, copper, zinc, aluminum and non metallic minerals like sand clay phosphate etc. These days we are so much dependent on non renewable resources. Life seems impossible without these resources. We have only limited supply of fossil fuels and consumption of the fossil fuels is increasing at very high rate. If the consumption rate is keep on increasing at this speed, then the day is not that far when there will be no fossil fuels on earth. Lets imagine our life without fossil fuels!! life will come to stand still position. By increasing the use of fossil fuels we are not only making this world running out of fossil fuels but also it has a negative impact on environment. Every drop of fossil fuel we use emits carbon dioxide in the environment. Increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment is the cause of global warming, which is one of the major problem we are facing today. This global warming results in the climate change and due to climate changes so many species are endangered today. Instead of making ourselves more and more depended on these fossil fuels, we need to focus more on alternative energy resources. Instead of getting a huge big car we should prefer to buy a small hybrid car which gives good mileage. By doing this we will not only save fossil fuel and will save our environment as well. We live in highly industrialized country in the world. This country has a higher wastage rate than the other countries in the world. It has a little or no emphasis on pollution prevention, recycling, reuse, reduction of...
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