Topics: Upgrade, Packet switching, Quality of service Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 19, 2012
IS589: Networking Concepts and Applications.


I. Cookies Are Us
Cookies Are Us runs a series of 100 cookie stores across the midwestern United States and central Canada. At the end of each day, the stores express-mail a diskette or two of sales and inventory data to headquarters, which uses the data to ship new inventory and plan marketing campaigns. The company has decided to move to a WAN. What type of a WAN architecture and WAN service would you recommend? Why? I would recommend a Large Branch WAN

Not all branches are equal. This is not only true for the size of branch (as in number of users or perhaps application servers at the branch) but also for how critical the branch is to the overall business function. Not all offices provide the entire portfolio of services. In the real world, some provide only basic services, where others provide full-blown services. Large branches (those that provide more services or services that are critical to the business, or in most cases both) tend to have slightly different requirements for a WAN infrastructure that connects them to the corporate backbone.

Requirements| Details|
Larger bandwidth uplink| OC3|
Ability to handle both WAN and Internet traffic| Because of the volume of traffic, large branches are connected directly to the Internet.| Multitenancy| Capability to support multiple departments or even customers or partners that use the common physical infrastructure along with employees.| QoS| Hierarchical QoS to support multiple levels of classes of service.| | Class-based WFQ, fair queuing, LLQ, WRED Traffic shaping.| Services requirements| Services such as NAT, firewall, and NetFlow at high speeds and scale.| HA| Intra and interbox HA supporting basic traffic forwarding and services.| Requirements| Infrastructure Traits to Meet Them|

Larger bandwidth uplink| Interface diversity|
Ability to handle both WAN and Internet traffic| Modular data...
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