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Dear Team,
Uth Pack is an upgrade of our Uth package. Uth Pack is not just a mobile connection but a life style enabler! It will deliver the most comprehensive communication solutions as well as provide the best and most relevant discounts to young people through its extensive and illustrious affinity partners. The brand will be targeting urban youth and its positioning will revolve around the digital at heart. The underlying philosophy behind this new brand is one of positivity and high energy. It is associated with the urge to do more and is a call to action in its own right by asking the target audience to not settle for less, rather ask and work for more and live in top gear!  

How to Join Uth Pack:
1.       Buy the new Uth Pack SIM from any Ufone Service Center or Franchise. The default package on this SIM after 789 process completion is Uth Pack. 2.       Existing Ufone Customers Change Package to Uth Pack by dialing *3555# or by selecting Uth Pack from the 444 IVR. a.       Optin Charges from any package to Uth Pack are Rs 10+tax. 3.       Buy a Ufone SIM and after activation of number from 789, Change Package to Uth Pack by dialing *3555# or by selecting Uth Pack from the 444 IVR. a.       Optin Charges from any package to Uth Pack are Rs 10+tax. Core Products:

Joining Promo:
All customers that activate the Uth Pack SIM or change package to Uth Pack before 15th July 2013 are eligible for the Joining Promo. Customers can avail the joining promo once only by sending ‘join’ or ‘sub’ to 6844 via SMS and get:          500 SMS on all local network for 1 week

         100 minutes of Music Station service for 1 week.  To avail Music Station minutes, user will dial 6824.          Free browsing on Facebook and Wikipedia web sites for 2 months  
Terms and Conditions – Joining Promo:
         Offer is for all Uth Pack users who join in the first 2 month of launch          User is allowed to avail this offer only once at the time of joining, the SMS can be sent at any time before 15th July.          Subscription to Joining Offer will be charged at Rs.0.02 (tax included)          To subscribe Uth Pack Joining Offer user must SMS on 6844          To listen to Music minutes, user will dial 6824.          Activation of Music Minutes can take up to 1 hour from the time of subscription of Joining Promo          Free browsing is offered on,, and only. User may be charged if these web sites are accessed from applications or some other source          Free Offers (SMS, Music Minutes, Free browsing) will automatically end after mentioned time period  

Below is a summary of the base tariff:
Category | Uth Pack Tariff|
Onnet Calls| Rs 1.30 / 30 Sec|
Offnet (OMO + PTCL/WLL) Calls| Rs 1.30 / 30 Sec|
Calls to 5 Onnet Friends and Family Numbers | Rs 0.50 / 30 Sec| Calls to 5 Offnet Friends and Family Numbers| Rs 0.80 / 30 Sec| Daily Service Charge | None.|
SMS to Any Network in Pakistan| Rs 0.35 / SMS|
Mobile Internet (GPRS)| Rs 4.99/MB |
International SMS| Rs 5.00 / SMS|
All charges are exclusive of taxes. Mobile Internet is not taxed. A total of 10 FNF are allowed with 5 Ufone Numbers and 5 PTCL/OMO Numbers, for details see Notes/ FAQs.  
My Pack Offer:
To encourage customers to get their calling circle on Uth Pack and to fulfill their calling needs Uth Pack will have its Flagship Voice offer called the My Pack offer.  
MY PACK Offer Subscription| Dial *3553#|
            Offer Details| All Uth Pack to Uth Pack Calls Free After 1 Minute| Subscription| Rs 5.0+tax|
Validity| 7 Days (Day of subscription included)|
All Uth Pack to Uth Pack calls will be free after 1 Minute with the first minute charged at Rs 1.30+tax/30 Seconds. This means that customers can talk to other Uth Pack Customers around the clock for the whole hour for just Rs 2.60+tax. The offer subscription charges are Rs 5.0+tax...
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