Topics: Cognition, Mind, Perception Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: May 9, 2013
As you read in this week's chapter, all language is symbolic. Our ability to use symbols allows us to think about the world of ideas and meanings. Consider what you have read about the symbolic nature of language, and discuss the following points: How does language:

• allow self-reflection?
There are two aspects of the self-aspects of the self. There is the I, which is spontaneous, creative self. The I acts impulsively in response to inner needs and desires, regardless of social norms. The me is the socially conscious part of the part of the self that monitors and moderates. The I’s impulses is impervious of others. The I may want to hurl a biting a biting insult at someone you do not like. The me reflects on I’s impulses. The me reflects on the I from the social perspectives of others. The I may want to argue but the me may want to set goals. It also allows us to monitor ourselves and change the bad thing about ourselves that we do not like. It allows us to manage our image and communication. • organize perceptions? Perception requires a perceiver, which mean raw experience is filtered through the senses, as well it could also be relationships between how they communicate their perceptions. The connection between language and perception is both subtle and profound. • allow hypothetical thought? It gives one a much broader perspective of self –reflection and thought. Self-reflection allows us to recognize our values, just by naming what we value, but why those things are most important to us. Explain the connection between language and perception. Use a specific example to illustrate this connection, There is a difference in perception best seen in bilinguals. They are more open to ideas. They know a word and a meaning just happen to go together, but that this is entirely artificial. That means in a context with background noise they can find a specific detail more easily. To put it bluntly, a language pushes you into a certain mental tunnel. It uses...
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