Topics: Dell, Michael Dell, Personal computer Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The Process of Decision Making for Dell consumers
When Dell’s consumer looking to buy a new computer, he/she is searching for information either internally from memory or externally from outside sources. The pre-purchase search is focused on making better decisions choosing specific PC characteristics and where to get the best deal. The consumer collects the information by brand about the desired type of Dell computer (such as a certain type of laptop/PC/tablet, etc), its characteristics and users’ satisfaction rate. The potential customer is also more aware of the Dell computers’ ads in this period (“online processing”). The low search consumers are more driven by getting a good deal when the high searchers are looking for specific computer’s characteristics and the best place to buy it based on the service and customers reviews. The Dell’s consumer has a few options where to purchase the product and what factors to consider: 1) Direct order. Dell was a pioneer in development of this tool for computer sales. Advantages: customized computer configurations, cost savings (coupons, membership discounts, in some state no tax expense), using Dell credit card, time saving and credibility. Disadvantages: sharing private information, inability to examine the product, shipping costs and waiting time. Variations of on-line purchasing: Dell outlet (the same warranty, but lower price), and other websites (Amazon, Yahoo, QVC, etc.). 2) Retail stores (such as Staples, Costco, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc.). Advantages: ability to see the product, immediate availability (no waiting time), flexible return and refund polices. Disadvantages: the staff is less knowledgeable in computer products, and luck of customization (prepacked computers from the manufacture). 3) Resellers. Advantages: high level of customization (building computers from custom parts), wide spectrum of products, experienced sales and service, convenience of a local store, personal relationships. Disadvantages:...
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