Topics: World War II, World War I, Bomber Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: April 7, 2013
World War II: The Royal Canadian Air Force
Canada made many significant contributions to the winning World War II and one of the major contributions Canada made was the Royal Canadian Air Force. A significant contribution the air force made was they provided a place for allied pilots to train and supplied a large amount of money. The Air Force helped protect the convoys going across the Atlantic and helped develop new anti- naval weapons. Another contribution was defending Britain from German bombings and bombing Germany. For all these reasons, the RCAF made a very significant contribution to the victory of World War II.

Firstly, the RCAF provided a place for pilots to train that was far away from the enemy, had a wide open space and a supply of airplanes that was not far away. They also paid a large amount of money for training the pilots and the airplanes. This was the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). It was a very significant contribution because 131,553 pilots graduated from the BCATP, 72,000 were in RCAF, 42,000 were in RAF and 16,000 were in the Australian & New Zealand Air Force (Juno Beach Centre). Canada fed clothed and housed thousands of men. Canada was perfect for training pilots; there was no other place to train the pilots as mainland Europe was occupied by Hitler. All these pilots played a key role in winning World War II; they bombed German factories and scouted ahead for danger. The BCATP cost a total of $2,231 million CAD and Canada paid $1,589 million CAD (Juno Beach Centre).With the help of the United States Canada produced thousands of planes which made a big difference in the outcome of the war.

Secondly, the RCAF helped protect the convoys making their way across the Atlantic and helped develop anti- naval weapons. This was also a major contribution because Canada had to supply the soldiers with ammunition and food. Without the air force helping to protect convoys German U-boats would sink the ships and the supplies...
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