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Recruitment Plan
* Direct from quota system
* Indirectly by bank management
Training and development
* NBP has development group called “ organizational development and training group “ * Four staff colleges are operating under this group in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar * The training is mostly carried through seminars , work shops and mostly on the job training * At the time of the introduction of the employee he is given the initial training in Institute of Bankers of Pakistan(IBP). After that they are posted to their respective jobs. National Bank of Pakistan follows two forms of trainings

* First is related to the training and development of new and mid level employees * Second is the training for long terms plans, regarding the career development of higher level employees * NBP applies on-job and off-job strategies to train its employees * NBP training and development academy advices job rotation to ensure     and facilitate the production of all- rounder employees. * Training program started at least two month before the commencement   of the New Year, in order to make it easy for the socializing and        orientation of the new employees. * NBP believe in pre/posttests for the existing employees and post training test for the new employees. * Training Calendar

* Training catalogue
* Training course module / schedule
* Out coming (Need Based)
* Feed back analysis
* Quiz competitions
* Short, Medium, Long terms workshops, seminars, courses * Data Reporting’s
Performance Management
* In performance management factor there are certain aspects about which Nation Bank takes special care, these are: * Professional Knowledge
* Improving corporate culture
* Decision making ability
* Ability to visualize and plan
* Ability to act in emergent situation
* Ability to...
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