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Ge t E R P R i g h t
T h e F i r s t T im e
A practical guide to
selecting and
implementing a
new ERP system.

By Dustin Alexander

Designed to Streamline™

Get ERP right the first time.

The Enterprise Resource Planning Approach
Manufacturing in the U.S. is getting tougher all the time and the pressure is unrelenting. To remain competitive, you
must continually cut costs, increase productivity and
improve quality, while at the same time offering better
service, faster delivery and lower prices. Fortunately, there is a tool to help you accomplish all this and more.

“ERP can literally
transform a
manufacturing business,
but only if you do it right.”
By now you’ve probably heard all about ERP, the enterprise resource planning approach that cuts cost and boosts
productivity by integrating all your production processes into one cohesive system. You’ve probably heard that it can
improve on-time deliveries and inventory control while
simultaneously reducing administrative overhead. That it can streamline all of your manufacturing processes by increasing visibility throughout the organization. And that it can turn inefficient companies with high cost structures into lean,

mean operations that can compete with anyone in the world.
The fact is, ERP can do all this and more — we have seen it happen time after time. But to some, the stories sound too
good to be true. So you wonder — can ERP really work in my business? If so, how do you find the right system, what does it take to install it and what kind of return on investment can you expect? From an operational standpoint, how long does

it take to get ERP up and running in a company, and how
much training is involved? What steps are required to
implement ERP software, and who needs to get involved in
the process? Most of all, can ERP software actually deliver
on all that it promises to do?


If you’re considering ERP software for your business, these are legitimate questions. ERP can literally transform a
manufacturing business, but only if you do it right. At Global Shop Solutions, we’ve been doing ERP right for nearly 30
years. During that time, we have conducted more than a
thousand successful ERP implementations with companies
from five to 500 employees. In fact, we have the largest
number of successful implementations in our market nobody else is even close. In the process, we’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t work, and
our whole purpose with this booklet is to share some of
those lessons with you.
Every company faces different challenges and has different
needs in regards to ERP, so there is no cookie-cutter
solution for implementing the software. However, we have
found that certain basic principles apply in nearly every
situation, and that following these principles will greatly
increase your chances of a successful implementation. So if
you’re ready to take your business to the next level, here are nine things you need to know to successfully implement an
ERP system right the first time in your company. But first,
let’s review exactly what an ERP system involves.

ERP Solutions™

What is ERP?
First developed in the 1970’s, ERP (Enterprise Resource
Planning) software started out as a few unrelated programs
slapped together to improve various parts of the
manufacturing process. The very best ERP systems evolved
into highly comprehensive, fully integrated software
systems that enable companies to manage the entire
manufacturing process from one central location while
streamlining operations and improving productivity in ways
that were previously not possible.

• Generate sales and purchase orders
• Generate work orders
• Purchase raw materials, outside resources and services
• Schedule people, resources and equipment
• Track work in progress
• Monitor and manage inventory
• Manage the shipping and delivery process
• Generate invoices and track accounts receivables...
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